Glazing Wedge Rubber

Rubber Glazing Wedge
Product code: GWR
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NZ $ 3.00
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    There is a coloured stripe on the wedge rubber that indicates size. 

    The price is a per metre cost.  

    To obtain a set of free samples - refer Product Code : SAMPLES.  
    NOTE: Custom cut to length wedge is generally not returnable.  If you are not sure of the required compression thickness, we suggest you order a set of samples (free) first to decide the correct thickness.


    1.  Once you have worked out what colour Wedge rubber you require, use the drop down box marked 'PROFILE' and click on GLAZING WEDGE

    2.  The next drop down box is 'COLOUR' - indicate colour required.  Beside each colour is the compression size.

    3.  Then use the - and + indicators beside the words 'Add to Cart' to advise how many meters are required.*


    Installation instructions : 

    • Remove a piece of wedge rubber from your window.
    • Match the thickness with a sample as best as you can. If particularly dry and old, you may need a sample slightly bigger than original.
    • Spray the area with a little soapy water to lubricate for ease of insertion.
    • Wedge rubber should fit snugly.  Do not force the wedge rubber into place as it may break the glass.